Lets Go Shopping Louisville

So yes! Let’s go shopping!

Lydia Joyce here. If you haven’t realized it yet, you should know that I’ve elected myself to a newly created position in life. Starting now and hence forth I shall be known far and wide as the Louisville Mystery Shopper 🙂

I know! I know! It all sounds so crazy, but I love to shop and need an outlet where I can express myself about it. I have a lot of things to say and want you to be my audience. God only knows that my husband doesn’t want to here about the newest Louis Vuitton purses on the market. Or the latest set of Tommy Hilfiger F-Me pumps that are newly arrived on the shelves of some of Louisville’s better stores for women.

But not to fear. I’ll shop for anything just because I like shopping. It doesn’t matter, gardening supplies, cars, home remodeling stuff. I probably enjoyed shopping for a chandelier we bought 2 years ago more than anything else this last 5 years.

Shopping can be, and often is, very exciting to say the least. Having spent a considerable amount of time in retail to put myself through school I’m a fairly good judge of what constitutes quality customer service. Due to my engineering degree I know if a thing is properly built of quality materials, and whether adequate consideration has been given to the ergonomics of it’s design.

My criteria for judging a product is a lot different than the criteria I exercise when judging customer service. As it should be for anybody that’s critiquing a shopping experience. After all, if the best product in the world is being sold where customer service is part of the deal and there is no customer service, this girl will have a problem with that.

But at the end of it all, I’ll be honest about the area business’s I visit and more often will high-lite the positive without doing anymore than mentioning the negative.