I’m Back and I Shopped Roofing Contractors

So sorry for having been away for over a year. But both of my children (who are adults now) got married and had babies since I last posted. That I’m now a proud and happy grandmother of two of the most beautiful and busy little girls goes without saying.

About Shopping Roofing Contractors?

Originally my husband (because he’s the man) was handling getting a new roof put on our house. Of course he wanted to hire a buddy of his to do it, which I put the kabosh on the minute I heard of it. Then it was his cousin. What is it with men?

Then I took over. After doing my online research I scheduled 5 Louisville based roofing companies to give us estimates. Get this! Only 2 of them showed up on time and 1 didn’t even show up at all. And one of the roofers that was late was only late by a day. It was kind of odd pulling in from work and seeing him up on our roof a day after he was supposed to be there.

When I came out of the house (I park in the garage) he yells down to me that he’ll be done in a minute. A half hour later he knocks and just hands me the estimate. No card, no brochures, no mention of color, and never bothered telling me a thing about him or his company. I tossed his estimate in the trash when I went back in the kitchen.

The Legitimate Roofing Contractors

So of the 3 roofing contractors that I actually considered 2 were on time and one was late. His excuse was legitimate because I was actually caught in the same traffic on I71. But he never went up and looked at my roof. I understood when he explained how he was able to count the shingles and do the math but still he never went up on my roof. He also didn’t have any color or product samples. And told me when I was ready to sign the paperwork that he would bring them with him.

So our second legitimate roofing contractor was on time. I like it when people are prompt with their business and we only get one chance to make a first impression so this is important to me. He went up on our roof! He measured it! And he had color samples too. My only issue was that he seemed to be in a hurry. It was a Saturday and he was supposed to be at some type of function later in the day. This was a little off putting to me.

Our Louisville Roofing Contractor of Choice?

Our third legitimate roofing estimate was the one we hired. As I was looking online and googling for Louisville roofing contractors I came across louisvillekyroofers.com. And although the name sounded generic I called and set an appointment because the website looked good and was purposely made to work easy on my mobile phone.

Blaine Smitley the agent that came to my home (10 minutes early) was wearing a Carlon company shirt and had a Carlon Roofing sign on both sides of his car. Yes he was in a car. Right away I’m thinking he’ll walk around and eyeball it like the other guy did. But no, he gets in his trunk and pulls out the neatest looking ladder I’ve ever seen. He telescopes it up onto the roof and then proceeds to give me company, product, and color samples to review while him and hubby go up and look at the roof.

When Blaine and hubby get back down and come in not only has he measured the roof, but he shows me several images that he’s taken with his camera of what he suspect is hail damage…. WHAT?

None of the other guys that gave us prices mentioned hail damage. Then Blaine goes on to tell us that he thinks we should call our insurance company and have them send an adjuster out. We did that on the spot and scheduled an appointment for 2 days later.

2 days later Blaine makes another trip out to meet with our insurance adjuster at our home. The adjuster (Richard), hubby, and Blaine all go back up on Blaine’s super cool ladder again and when they get back down Richard the adjuster says no problem. You folks were hit by the June 2015 hail storm. We’re going to pay for the roof minus your deductible.

YESSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!

So Blaine Smitley and Carlon Roofing of Louisville KY were hired to do our roof. It only took them one day start to finish and it’s beautiful. Carlon Roofing was as professional as could be. And their estimator Blaine Smitley is a mega pro. What we were thinking was going to cost anywhere between $8,000.00 to $10,000 dollars out of pocket ended up costing us our homeowners deductible which was only $1000.00. And because hail is considered an act of God, our rates didn’t go up!

So there you have it. If you need a roof installed in Louisville KY call Blaine Smitley or visit his website at http://louisvillekyroofers.com. As far as professionalism goes, you will not find his equal. He’s on time. He is very thorough in his measuring. He brings product and color samples. He leaves you with a detailed form with all of Carlon Roofing’s company info. And in our case he brought the job in for way, way, way under budget.

What more could a shopper ask for? Call Blaine! He’s the man 🙂