My Shelbyville Attorney of Choice

Recently I’m finding my self in a position where I may be needing a Shelbyville Attorney. And because I’m a type A personality I’m doing my research early.

This is all due to a guy that hit my BMW while I was in Shelbyville visiting with a cousin on her birthday.  Mind you that this wasn’t a bad accident, nobody was hurt and that’s always good.

The gentleman that accidentally backed into me seems to be a good guy. He was more than honest with the officer that worked the accident and knew he was at fault so that wasn’t the issue. It’s his insurance company that I may have issues with, and because I’m very proactive I’ve already started looking for a Shelbyville Attorney.

Not that I know that I’ll need one but I’ve found the Harper Law Co website and these guys seem to be very up to date with diminished value claims and they’re located right there in Shelbyville KY.

Why may I need a Shelbyville Attorney?

Reason number one is that the accident happened there in Shelbyville. It’s by my experience that I can use any attorney I want as long as they’re certified in KY.

But a Shelbyville attorney will know everybody locally like judges and so forth. And they have a bit more pull than say somebody from up here in Louisville where I’m at. So it just makes since to have a local person to represent me if I need it.

Reason number two, and I know this from an accident my husband had some years back. Is that although the at fault drivers insurance company will pay for my car to be fixed and fixed properly. My previously perfect BMW will now be a previously wrecked and repaired BMW. And this will make it’s resale value considerably less. Probably by several thousands of dollars. And I intend to be compensated by the other drivers insurance company for this loss.

It’s called diminished value. And I have already made the other drivers insurance company aware that I know about it and expect to see it included in their payout to us.

Years ago when our Mercedes was wrecked we didn’t even know or think about the fact that the accident history on the car fax was going to make it worth less money. Then when we went to trade it in, we were shocked that they offered us several thousand less than it was worth. And every dealer we tried to trade it in at told us the same thing. “Due to it’s accident history we can’t offer you nearly what we could had it never been wrecked”.

That’s when I did research on, and learned about diminished value claims and hiring attorneys to reclaim them for you.

So if you’re involved in an accident and weren’t the at fault party. Make sure that the person who hit you’s insurance company is aware that you know of diminished value. Also make them aware that you have an attorney that specializes in diminished value selected but hope to not have to contact them. That way they’ll in all likelihood make you an offer that’s suitable.

I took the video from the Harper Law Co’s page and posted it below. If you do not know what diminished value is and how it works. Just watch it.

Stay safe out there on the road!